The Sheep and the Shepherd

Its been more than a year and half since I last visited Ladakh. Had been wanting to do that ever since I saw my dad's photographs and visits. Must say, its all about the roads. There are close to 2000 photographs which we clicked. By the end of it all, we were so tired clicking. Everything was just so beautiful. But I maintain one regret. Actually two. Missed visiting the Nubra Valley and thanks to procrastination, never got around to working on those photographs. 

Before showing one of the photographs, I would like to give a little bit of a background around it. This photograph was taken en route from Srinagar to Leh. We had decided not directly landing in Leh, cause we had wanted to explore the awesome scenic beauty of the route, which was highly recommended to us. This pic was taken multiple times from different mountains and different vantage point. Although I might add, the final picture which was taken was not by default. It was an effort to capture in a speeding vehicle!!!

If you see closely, you can see little specks of white on the green patch, well those are sheep!!!

This is from another mountain, a top logically if there are sheep, there should be a spheherd :-). I was looking out for him...

I zoom in more, and there - I am able to locate him...running after one of them...trying to get it back in the flock!

And while I use my minimalistic photoshop skills, I give you this :-)

All pics displayed here are under (c) Meghna Garg
With this trip, I realized the importance of travelling. So essential. So necessary. So fruitful.

Working on some other pictures as well, will post them as and when the opportunity arises!!!!


  1. you know what?? These places are those which I m so so desperate to visit! I have even told S that we havvve to visit this place first thing after we get married (if I hv not been there till then) ! These photos make me long even more!!!

  2. Nice !! Your photoshopping skills are pretty good.

  3. Brilliant ! I simply like the idea of capturing the same location from diff angles.. Kudos..
    Seems you had the most memorable journey..2000 pics.. Waaaawwww

  4. yes Shweta :-) it was one of the best!!!!

  5. Thanks for dropping by Maithili :-) I guess, India has its own treasures when it comes to natural beauty!!!

    @Anita : ;-) thnx!!!

  6. Amazing photos. Sheep! do post the rest of them too!