Friday it is :-)


And yes- I am looking forward to it :-). Tonight, I will be travelling to my hometown Ahmedabad. Although my folks have shifted to Delhi, my mom keeps visiting. I love the city. Thats where I have grown up. Thats where I have done my schooling and my growing up. This may be my last visit because there are fair chances that our house might be put up for rent!!!!

Well, I do have a list of To-dos to do with my mom and the following tops the list:

1. Bake a cheesecake (A baking challenge sent to me by Anita). I am really hoping to make a success on this one.

2. Click some photographs of the flowers in our garden and if time permits, visit Adalaj.

3. Watch the India Vs SriLanka Finals for the World Cup, 2011 :-) (Astrologers say that Dhoni's stars are bright - hence dont want to miss the chance of missing out on seeing India win the World Cup :-))

On a brighter note, I have submitted 2 of my TP poems(Crappy Poem and Epitaph) to a Poet Rally and the responses have made my week :-)

To give you an update on my current working conditions, out of the total team of 5, 2 of my colleagues have resigned. Yesterday was the last day of Komal. Ashish went in the middle of the month. My other colleague Prathamesh is on leave. That leaves me and my boss :-), but luckily for me, he's a nice guy!!!! Feeling a bit left out though...Am sitting alone in the dealing room with 8 phones, 3 computers, 1 Reuters terminal and a CNBC anchor :-P ...But, hey no complaints :-).

In this Pic: Komal, Ashish and Me


  1. Nice weekend its gonna be for you i suppose!
    Nice post

  2. Enjoy your weekend....hope you get some new colleagues to keep you company. Nice post.

  3. AWWW Ahmedabad!! I miss my engg. days. It must have changed a lot. Take lots of pics and share. Your poetry writing skills are pretty sharp. Keep at it. I love to shop at Ahmedabad. I had done all my shaadi ka shopping from there only.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot. Yay! that you are planning to bake the cheesecake. I do not have an oven here at my mum's place so I would be skipping.
    so sad not to be able to participate. All the best for your effort. I am looking forward to see a photograph of it in your next post

  5. @Rekha....:-) thanks for stopping by....

    @anita...i am planning to take some pics...will definitely send u a link....

    about the cheesecake, i am yet to start baking...have collected all the ingrediants though!!!

  6. Your blog is too crowded. Design the page better

  7. @Anonymous...thanks for the feebback...will do something about the designing....:-)

  8. @Anonymous: I hope its better now!!!

  9. The blog is awesome. as you write long blogs, use the maximum screen space. spread the blog width wise and populate it with scrace widgets. the colour combination is good.