Of Godmen and Religion

I do not follow religion very ardently...am kind of an agnostic. Not too sure about the existence of Gods and Goddesses. But yes, I do enjoy the festivities which surround it. A pleasant change from the daily humdrum of life. Well there are Gods and then there are Godmen.

Some events in the last couple of days, invoke me to think about lakhs and crores of people who place their faith, trust, money and selves at the feet of so called, self proclaimed, Gods. Somehow I am not able to take an objective stance. My beliefs and perhaps  my prejudices seep in.

Sri Sathya Sai baba started on the path of being a "baba" at the young age of 14 with some tricks or "magic". He gradually collected followers and soon started gaining fame. Declared himself Sri Sathya Sai baba. Sometimes, I wonder, how can a person declare himself God. Shirdi Sai Baba never said he was God. He became famous much much later...perhaps after his death. How can a group of people declare one amongst them God and follow him ardently with complete faith. 

Sri Sathya Sai baba dreamt that he would be ill for 40 days and later re-emerge again. Unfortunately that did not happen. He died on 24th April. Even that date is now under dispute.

Sri Sathya Sai baba was quoted in one of his followers book that a 3rd re-incarnation of Sai baba would be born in the year 2023 in Doddamalur. Giving ample time to the trust to consolidate and prepare for the next Sai. Apparently, he even pointed out a hut and has decided who will be the mother of Prema Sai!!!!

Apparently the "God"man needed a ventilator to live. If he was so sure of living after 40 days of illness, then why a ventilator, why hospitalization and the best of the medical facilities.

Sachin Tendulkar wept copiously at his death.

Taslima Nasreen asked him not to since the baba was already 85 years old and was past his prime.

The Prime minister and the Presidents crowded in the little village Puttaparthi which will now go on to achieve the status of Shirdi slowly.

The people who manage the Trust are now in danger. Of course, everyone wants a pie of the cake.

The saga continues...

Why do people place their faith so much in Godmen and the likes... Asharam bapu (multiple cases against him), Morarji Bapu and well Baba Ramdev (Well - he atleast teaches Yoga). Maybe, somewhere deep down, they want someone whom they can look up to...follow ...to guide them. Guide to what? Peace is achievable but only you can help yourself. Moksha? How? Do you know of any one person who has attained Moksha? and what is this concept anyways....Belief is handed over to generations....children learn from their parents and they from theirs...they question not. They just believe.

I am not here to judge to anyone. Each to his own sets of beliefs. But sometimes, I just wonder....


  1. I believe in no Godmen but yes i do believe in GOOD men.

  2. Good to have something to believe in, Truth is not always the best thing! :)