Crows, Worli Seaface, Mumbai
Aligned, Cacaphonus, Scavengers,Omnious, Survivors.

Broken Down Car

Near Mahim Station, Mumbai

Noted this broken down car near the Mahim Station Wall in Mumbai. Ready to be dismantled and discarded. Been lying here for quite sometime. This was a mobile shot taken from a taxi. What makes it interesting to me is the battered and tattered condition of the car along with the interesting wall art on the station wall. It sort of gives a character to the condition of the car. The car has been removed recently from the spot. Everytime I cross the road, I see the wall art cartoon but I miss the car!!!

Wall Art

Wall Art, Mahim Station Wall, Mumbai

I try to capture unique or random things or moments on cell phone. This is one of them. Painted on the wall of Mahim Station. Remains of a city activity which had once allowed its citizens to particpate by painting the walls... which most of the times are in its worst state of maintenance. Liked the geometry of this wall art and how it attracts your attention without giving any particular message...well thats how I look at it. Am sure thats not what the painter had in mind but nevertheless, putting it up here to share...


Extended Stay Americas, Norwalk, CT
Morning sunshine...
Rushing through my window...
Waking me up from a deep slumber...
Wishing me a very lazy Good morning!!!

Of a friend and an airport

As a I write about this (after a long time), there is happiness in my heart…for meeting a very very very very dear old friend of mine at the immigrations counter at the Newark Airport. Funny places these airports are…of chance meetings with old friends...

Newark International Airport