Maybe...maybe not...somewhere along the way, one realizes, that
Home is not a place, but a feeling!!!


Jellies, Nemos and Roaches

On one such visit to Norwalk, CT, my colleague and me ended up visiting an aquarium for lack of something better to do. And we were pleasantly surprised. My favourite were Jellies. They are actually 95% of water and very calm and soothing on the nerves. Or maybe thats how they were presented.

Another pretty picture to look at were these colourful Nemos. Quick movements and turns and responding to the tap on the glass wall.

Imagine having cockroaches under the scanner. Well, these were sort of different. Though dont remember exactly how.

Wanted to share and well, sort of document this before my memory fades away. Sometimes, when you look at the pictures, atleast thats what happens with me, there is a nostalgia and a smile on one's lips... but I somehow miss the entire story!!!