The broken guitar

:-( Broke my guitar... bro's guitar to be precise....:-( sigh... he's a follower on my blog and I know for sure he does not follow me that closely.... :-( Well, just 2 weeks I had gone to the guitar dealer, got the strings changed, cleaned it up, got new plectrums... and now its broken from the neck.... and as always, its not my fault... some random 8 year old just tripped on it and it fell .... and since the wood was old, it twisted... and when i pulled a few strings, it broke :-(

Hence, after mourning over the week, I am going to get a new guitar over the weekend....:-) hehehe...

Online Shopping

Its all very convenient and comfortable and easy - Online shopping.... but its highly addictive.... You dont even realize and you've already hoarded a lot of things which you dont need...
Hence, as a measure of precaution and as well as a self control exercise, I un-registered myself from all the online shopping websites especially the ones offering a combination of deals and lot of discounts:
etc etc etc...
Well, my inbox is relatively free of clutter and ads enticing me to buy something or the other....
And I am a much more peaceful person.... :-)


Dinner Hassles!!!!

Its dinner time (in my case, 11 PM).... Hubby and me lay the table... with the usual, daal, subzi, curd, chapatis and salads. There's some random movie on HBO.
Hubby: (*frowns)...hmmmm...... lauki again....yellow dal.... chapatis ......hmmmmm
Me: (*defensive)...dont expect me to cook chappan bhog at 9 PM....I am really not in the mood to cook after work....
Hubby: (*a sheepish smile)... no - not that....but LAUKI.... I hate LAUKI.... and TINDAS....BEANS....EGG PLANT.... LADY'S FINGER....PALAK....
Me: o-O .........and what should I cook then your royal highness..... I repeat "dont expect me to cook chappan bhog at 9 PM....I am really not in the mood to cook after work...."
Hubby: What about potatoes? Why dont you cook potatoes more often???
Me: Potatoes????!!!!! you are what you eat!!! ahem.. .and you have started looking like a potato....
Hubby: Here's the weekly dinner menu:
Monday: Aloo matar
Tuesday: Aloo gobhi
Wednesday: Dry aloo pyaaz
Thursday: Aloo methi
Friday: Paneer (for the wifey) and leftovers of thursday
Me: what about other nutritional needs? what about the green leafy veggies.....
Hubby: What about them?
Me: Ever heard about the concept of "Balanced diet"
Hubby: I have that at lunch in office?
Me: :-O whatttt?
Hubby: wada pav
Me: (*eyes popped out) Whatttt?
Hubby: Why ask the same question twice?
Here goes the lunch menu @ office
Monday: Wada Pav
Tuesday: Misal Pav
Wednesday: Bhajiya Pav
Thursday: Bhaji Pav
Friday: Idlis At RBI  (since its a friday)
Me: Thats it then....
Hubby; Whatttt????
Me: Eat the lauki....
Hubby: So (* with a triumphant look) ... so we have agreed on the menu....
Me: YES- WE have agreed on the menu
Hubby: Since tomorrow is a Tuesday, Aloo gobhi it is (*glee)
Me: Yes, Palak it is!!!! (*sighs)
So much for our agreement!!!!! :)
Hubby: hmmmm (*sighs).....
Me: hmmmm