Silly, Stupid me...

Was browsing on the internet when I came across some prose and paragraphs on bullying behaviour. There are some interesting reads on the same. This inspired me to write some and the resultant following lines are my responses on the same...

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I have nothing to say to you
I have nothing to want
Got no words left
Got nothing to rant.

Just let me be, stupid
And tactless and dumb
Just want to be mindless
Just want to be numb.

Want to run away from it all
Want to be left alone
Want to be left in a corner
In between the worlds, don’t want to be torn.

Dont want no ramifications...
Of my selfish and self centred acts...
Dont want no situation...
Where I cant get back...

An inseparable part of my life
My babble and stupidity
Dont want no divide...
Over life and its jamboree.

Dont want no conflict
Dont want no harshness
Dont want no curt
Over any brashness

I play along, unwanted
Try to be in sync
With the intelligence that is flaunted
Like a clown in a ring.

Not your ideal mate
Not your bestest friend
Not one tune to gyrate
To make your life grand...

I am and I will be
The way i am meant to be
Sorry, i am not intelligent
The way you thought
I would be.
I am just happy and content
To be a silly, stupid me....


  1. Such a realistic poem..can totally relate.

    We just cant put on a facade n like on and smile with just the teeth like snakes bare fangs. We live the way we are n we smile with the eyes.

    Though some ppl can.

  2. :-) sometimes putting up a facade is such hard work.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Lovely Meghna. It is whatI feel all the time. I feel like running away from all the expectations that are attached with the roles that I play in the current phase of life.
    But when I dwell deeper I realize, most of it are that I myself have set up myself to feel bogged down.

    Love you new dp. YOur hairstyle is super cool and you look hot!!

  4. I agree anita... all these expectations and the role playing really gets to me at times...

    :-) thnx for the compliment...had been mulling for quite sometime about getting the hair chopped off!!!!

  5. I found you on linkreferral. This is amazing poem!

  6. me and oh my! in such a reply I sense hurt, pain, detachment. Later on, lots of emotional turmoil.

    You did show the spirit of one who is hurting, well done!

  7. Very honest Meghna! Very profound..
    Many hugs x

  8. ...I am and I will be
    The way i am meant to be

    ...yes indeed! Enjoy the validity in your words...ONE::

  9. thnks lynnaima, olivia and dasuntoucha...:-)

  10. I like the flow of this and the build up to your declaration. Very neat!

  11. wow I love the authenticity! And the way you write :)

  12. brilliant so well put feel we have all been there at some point ....thank you

  13. good poems.. well formed.. will b back
    do visit my blog

  14. kind of sad, well put.

    be yourself and people love for who you are.


  15. humans.. at worst we should avoid meghna haha! and btw you voted for me? thanks! here's my potluck..

  16. this was great and very emotional

  17. A lot of emotions stirring around in this one but the bottom line is, I think, be yourself--forget the facade. A mask never made anyone happy.

  18. Very potent words, very powerful poetry. To be who you are is always a dangerous but amazing thing. I loved the possible second meaning through the double negatives in the "don't want no ..." sections. Very good read.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  19. @lonelyrecluse : Thnks... and yes - sometimes its dangerous to be yourself.... lot of ppl hide behind a facade...