This time, it was a drive to Kelwa. A small beach town before Manor, via the Saphale Road, on the Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway. After leaving Dahisar, the road was pretty much in the good condition other than some slight road work and an overturned truck. The clouds had gathered and it was pretty windy. 

After leaving the highway at Varai, we drove down to Kelwa which was close 30 Kms. The road was beautiful with lush green trees and bright red shoeflowers popping up now and then. It was quite and serene. Would have loved to walk down on this road. 

We crossed the Vaitarna river on the way and then some ghats. The drive was wonderful. On reaching the beach, we had some wonderful local Chinese... I know, its not the place, but what the heck...Munish wanted to have some and surprisingly, it was pretty decent and better than most of the small restaurants who offer the Indian version of the Chinese Food :-). 

We stayed there on the beach for an hour and two and then headed back home. We met some rain on the way and by the time we reached Mumbai, it was on full swing. Yes - the monsoons had arrived. And now, almost when I am writing this post, its plants have sprung up and are looking so fresh and green. A cup of piping hot tea at my side while  I write about our drive to Kelwa.

To Myself....

I Stand at the edge of the cliff
Looking over the mountains and hills,
Feeling the calm of the blue river,
Anticipating the rising sun,
Listening to the chirping birds,
Feeling the breeze,
Letting down my hair, literally,
Waiting for the full splendour,
The moment, when I unfold my arms,
Unclench my fist, close my eyes,
Smile to myself and murmer....
This is it....!!!!!