Mercedes Benz

Christmas is round the corner...festivity is in the the month of December...celebration of 'birth' of a son, a new year and new dreams. My wish list ain't much but I'd like to share this song which I had heard long time back. Only came true ;-)

Lot of versions are available for this song and even where Janis Joplin has sung it. But yes - I totally loved the way of expression.  Coming on to my new job :-), I am liking it here. Well - in a different way. It does not have the same familiarity like a small company where there is always a personal touch and where everybody knows everybody. Its a different setup. Totally different language. A different ball game. I am liking the change. The team size is pretty big whereas till now I was a loner in my team. I and only I was responsible for the work that I was doing. Over here, things are slightly different.

I had made new year resolutions at the beginning of 2010 and had also done a series of posts pertaining to that. But the point is, my new year resolutions dont carry beyond the new year. They are forgotten pretty much in the first month itself :-P. 

There's not much of a plan in place to celebrate the new year. Most probably there will be a house party. I am not much into getting sloshed in huge party places amidst rowdy strangers with obnoxiously loud music and pathetic food. Ya - call me boring. 

But Yes - I will definitely pray to the good Lord to grant me and my near and dear ones his blessings, inner peace and a MERCEDES BENZ :-)!!!!!

Independence Rock 2011

I am not really a Rock Music Fan, so when my Guitar Teacher, Zack D'Souza asked hubby and me to come along with him and his lovely wife Merelyn, we really were in two minds. Actually more than two minds. Rock music is really not our scene but hey what the hell... the entry was free ;-) ...hehehe.... so we could always leave if we didn't like the scene. Plus, this would be the first time I would be driving 3 people along with me or else its just me and my hubby Munish.

On the way, Zack educated us about "INDEPENDENCE ROCK" and its history. Initially it was held on independence day every year in Mumbai for all the rock fans. Soon the government started having security issues with alcohol and drug abuse. Now it is held much later and all the security. We were told that  "Rock" scene in India is not really encouraging. There are different types of Rock Music - metal, heavy metal, black metal, etc etc...and ideally each of them should have their own concert.But here, in India, they put all of it together, so if you are new to this scenario it really is a tricky situation. He warned us to stay away from the Mosh's Pit - a terminology popular in rock, where severe head jamming takes place and people are on a HIGH....Munish and me stayed on the sidelines....infact on the sidelines of the sidelines....The event was covered live by VH1, MTV and some other channels. 

Some of the bands that played and which we were and audience to were "The Other People", "Brahma" and "Bhayanak Maut". On a relativity basis, I liked the music played by "The Other People" but "Bhayanak Maut" gave me a splitting headache. I tried recording some bit of it in my cell phone but the clarity leaves a lot to be desired. But I found some clippings on You Tube. 

This link pertains to the Mosh's Pit. We stayed away from it. We could see some bits and pieces on the screen and were glad that we were not standing in the middle of it. Here, have a look :

Link of some of the performance by "Bhayanak Maut"

Post this performance, both of us decided, that Rock Music was really not our scene. Should leave. Must Leave. But yes - to give it credit, really appreciate the dedication of all the rock music fans that for 26 years, they have been loyal to the music inspite of it not being very popular here in India (which is ruled by Bollywood Music). Cheers to them. 

Random Musings

Its been quite a while since I visited this space... especially after the month long holiday that I went too.... From almost posting daily to nothing at all.... Was inactive on my twitter account too except for maybe one or two sporadic tweets...

Life is pretty busy now between work and home and weekends....don't have as much time to practice my guitar or try and make a disastrous attempt in the kitchen over some wonderful receipes I used to discover earlier. 

Not that I am cribbing about my current state of affairs, buts its refreshingly different from my previous state of affairs...:-) A lot happened in this one month break. For starters, I discovered the art of "DOING NOTHING" more of which you can obviously read HERE. 

There are a couple of things and some unfinished posts that I would like to write about...some of them are saved in the drafts!!! And some, some are in my mind :-P, for how long - that is another thing.

Today, there is no such agenda for writing, but I just wanted to write. Been on my mind for a long time, and had started to feel guilty about it, so decided to drop in say "HELLO" :-)....

2011 is going to end soon... with Christmas and the New Years around the corner. Waiting for Christmas eagerly. It reminds me of school and my school friends. I try and recreate some of it at home :-) and thoroughly enjoy the day!!!!

But right now, today being a Saturday, catching up on some puzzles with tea and chips!!!!  

So - see you soon again, hopefully with a new update and something interesting.