Birthday Blues

Am not a much of a "Happy Birthday" person. Hmmmm..... yeah... I always find it embarrassing to celebrate birthdays. Its not a recent phenomena but right since school / college. I am embarrassed especially when I have to blow the candles, cut the cake, smile politely and take in all the hullabaloo over turning a year older. Ah, well, this aspect of my life has not changed over the years (about which you can read HERE)

I had my birthday just last friday. Munish prepared a special midnight spread along with the cake et al. Had loads of wishes over phone, facebook, twitter from family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, fellow bloggers - Phew!!! I felt special and good. Loved all the gifts which kept pouring in. Birthday gift from hubby is yet to be received (booked already), but I received little tids bits from special friends too. Like the latest header of my blog...thanks to my dearest friend Namit Bhatia...and Oh, he even wrote a poem for me (in return for THE ONE I wrote for him ;-) it was a deal) hehehe.... c'mon, don't you all giggle or laugh...this is his first attempt, and I must say, a pretty good one. Here it goes..........

The Maggitoes Rhapsody

I know a fine girl named Maggitoes,
Who has a penchant for writing prose.

She loves to travel far and wide,
A valiant voyager bona fide.

Photography is her leisure pursuit,
Be it nature or a random shoot.

A self proclaimed Bollywood movie buff,
One lousy flick and she goes, “I’ve had enough”.

Always at odds with the firewall at work,
Once granted access, tweet frenzy ensues as she goes berserk.

Recently bitten by the cooking bug,
Her hubby knows best and he dare not say “Ugh!” :P

Chirpy, bubbly and immensely adorable,
“Oh look! That’s the poem for you, now am I out of trouble?”

~ Namitoes (circa 2011 AD)

yay!!!! *clap clap*....his twitter handle is for all you interested in following his perky, quirky, funny tweets and yes - especially writing tailor made poems on oneself!!!!   

Mahape to Andheri

During the past two months, my work place has shifted twice. Once from Bandra Kurla Complex to Mahape and then from Mahape to Andheri. Don't know which one is more painful. One is in a beautiful location, surrounded by hills and trees and absolutely no traffic while the other is an island of traffic. You can read more about that on Purvesh's blog dedicated to Sakinaka, a particular painful area in Andheri.

While one took 2.5 hours to reach office, the route scenic and beautiful and the other takes painful 1.5 hours to reach amidst the honking and the slow moving bumper to bumper traffic. The evenings - well, they are worse from both the places. If you don't leave office on time, you are stuck for another 3 hours unless and untill one has some productive work to do.

All the shifting to Mahape, going there and working there took its toll on my life. My day would begin at 5:45 a.m. and end at 11:00 p.m. I would just go through the entire week not really being a part of it. I remember only the time at office where the better part of the day was spent. No cooking, no cleaning, no entertainment, not even during the weekends...and to top it all, Munish was also spending busy time at work, so even he wouldn't come home before midnight. My hobbies went for a toss and well for that matter blogging.

There was a constant nagging at the back of my mind, that I am missing out on something, not blogging, no thinking, no writing. I missed blogging. Even now, the reason I am writing this post is to reconnect with my blog. I have not been doing a lot of things lately with my time on the world wide web  and I am missing that. So let  me just hope, that I get  back to my blog with a new zest and even more interesting things to post about.