Tips for single female travellers

My friend and me decided to go for a short break to Goa during the long weekend of Ramzan Id. My husband decided to stay back since he was busy with work. So, both of us headed towards destination Goa.
There were a few very important takeaways we had from this trip. So I've decided to distribute this "gyaan" to my "few" :-( readers... free of cost :-) :-P

1. Book travel tickets (works out cheap :-P)
2. Book hotel rooms (based on tips given by your friends / colleagues / family - wudnt want any surprises )
3. Pack your sunscreen (very important - wudnt want to be looking like a turnip when u come back)
4. Pack comfortable clothing (wudnt want to attract undue attention parading like a model in a strange land)
5. Pack comforable footwear (floaters - no point packing sneakers / heels for a beach place)
6. Pack a hat or buy one when you get there
7. Get a local map
8. Get some references for eating joints
9. Get some references for shopping
10. Do not ask geeky / nerdy looking tourists to click your photograph for you
11. Do not try and do a superman stunt on an unknown terrain
12. When in Goa, eat what Goans eat :)
13. Do not carry professional cameras (unless there is someone else to tag on to whenever  you want)
15. When in Goa, try Fenny (I did - didnt suit my pallette)
16. Avoid mingling with foreigners
17. If people offer you something free, think twice
18. Get your own vehicle...(you wont have to depend on a "friendly" driver, driving you around)
19. Do not opt for tourist buses or tour operators.

and the most important thing,

Go without a plan.... :) let the trip surprise you....dont go rushing from one place to other... just relax, sit on the beach, close your eyes and feel the breeze  :)

Guitar * ing

Always wanted to learn to play a guitar...... ever since I was a kid...... there has always been a guitar around at home in my growing up phase.... my mom has tried her hand at the guitar.... so we have a Spanish Guitar at  home.... since 1983 if I am not mistaken..... my brother - Mayank, has good vocal chords.... been good with the keyboard.... he got inspired from the movies, he got a Hawainn Guitar home.... went to a couple of classes.... played some scales, but couldnt continue as it was back to college for him.... my hubby, Munish, has been an owner of a guitar since quite some years.... he also tried his hand at it.... manages to pull a few strings ;) but thats about it.....
This has been the history so far..... So one fine day, I decided to put the resources available to good use....
Activated my lethargic self and found myself a guitar teacher.... a collegian I think... trying to make a mark in the music industry..... comes every weekend to teach me to "how to play a guitar"..... well - so far, so good... have learnt the 12 Major Scales.... he has left out the Minor scales.... trying to get my hand on the Chords now.... but it seems the age old guitar of my hubby is giving up..... time to get a new one... trying to save some money for it... "trying" being the key word....not much of a success....thanks to the Indian inflation of 14% ..... seems like it will be a while till I get myself a new guitar :(
hmmmmm untill then..... let me go, do some strumming ;)