List - less!!!

Ya... its that time of the year, when I make a list of lists...A list for each festival. A list of things to shop for each festival, things to do, things to wear, things to get sorted. Hmmmm....crazy!!! Ain't I???

Well to give you a hint, the first list was for Navratri. As per our tradition, 

1. Buy 'Jowar' and two earthen pots
2. Sow Jowar in the pots
3.Water it for all days except on the 7th day.
4. On the 8th day, celebrate Ashtami by serving 'chana', 'puri' +  'halwa' to young girls. 
5. On day 10, celebrate Dussera. Look at Curd and the silver coin in the morning. 
6. Prepare the prasad
7. Do the Pooja and well - eat :-) the good food that I have PREPARED EARLY in the  MORNING!!!
and not to mention, shopping for all the things required for the Pooja. 

Hmmmm... tough....Next is Karwa Chauth, then Hoi Ashtami, then Diwali!!!! *eyes rolling*.

Now, I am not an overtly religious person per se, and nor I do bother much about the intricacy of the festivals celebrated, but yes - I guess this part comes with the package - of being 'married'. It is this time of the year, where I go bonkers shopping for trivia ...not to forget the not so trivial shopping of gifts for the family....but yes - after going bonkers, I go nuts!!!!! 

But, but, but..... but of all buts...(no pun intended), I also enjoy the end result....after all the hard work and cleaning and dusting, preparing lists, their execution, shopping and blah blah blah.... at the end of it all, I really enjoy the outcome. There's a happiness and satisfaction :-) 

I guess Festivals do that to you!!! Snap you of your mundane existence where your better time is spent running from pillar to post, where you struggle daily for your bread and better...festivals pull you out of that rut and let you enjoy some family time together...something which is not routine, not mundane and gives you a good excuse to just sit back and relax...and yes - give that odd phone call to your far flung relatives!!!! Now thats a good thing to add on your 'Phone call to relatives' list ;-).


  1. Phone call to relatives, friends, loved ones.. that's I want to make for every week. Thats one thing I have stopped for almost 2 years.

  2. ohh these to do list for festivals are never ending.. ensuring things are in place, cook, gifts, decorate and yes you to have to look beautiful.. totally agree they do give us a sense of satisfaction at the end of it.. these festivities binds and brings us together from our routine stuff..

    all the best with your preps ahead.. *thumbs up* :D

  3. Karwa chauth. WOW that's on it's way too. 15th I think.
    Lists are wonderful only when I am able to cross something off it. My impending India visit has been draw long lists of gifts for relatives, things to do before I leave etc., there hasn't been any crossing on them so far.
    You actually planted jowar >? how cool is that? PHOto hai?

  4. I can smell diwali coming closer and it fills me so much joy! Shopping, cleaning, decorating and eating and yes the much wanted break from routine! I totally love festivals!

  5. call to relatives?? thats tricky eh?!

    @Shweta..good luck for your prep too!!!

  6. @anita: Tell me about crossing things off mylist.... its real pleasure...hey when r u going to delhi?

  7. @M In love: So good to see you here M....been a long time eh??!!

  8. I love the happy feeling in the air when festivals are around, the airing of the saris, the jewelery, the calls to friends and family, parties and the nip in the air :)

  9. Ok, taking a cue from you here, I ve posted my to do list! for life! :D

    Thanks for sharing!