Blogger Challenge

Been wanting to upgrade my blogging skills since a long time. Many a times, I have been short of ideas, don't know what to write about. I read such wonderful blogs and wish many a times about having a blog like that one or this one!!!! Sigh!!!! 

Well, my dilemma came to a pause when on twitter, Supriya was contemplating on joining a monthly blogging challenge. My thoughts precisely and I tagged along with her. Slowly, the group had 8 members :-). Shall be introducing them gradually through my posts but if you want to know more about that in detail, please go to this link

Shall by posting on another topic as a part of the blogger challenge subsequently. Hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I shall enjoy writing!!!!

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  1. Dekhte hi dekhte hi yeh mahina bhi khatam ho gaya! :(