Navratri starts from today :-). Makes me nostalgic. I am a Gujarati at heart. Born and brought up in Ahmedabad. So Garba - Raas is something which I have been acquainted since childhood. Love the Dandiya nights. The entire night of continuous dancing and revelry. First Garba, then Hinch and then Raas. Raas being the easiest. 

After my 12th Standard, I never really lived in Ahmedabad again. Been in Engineering Hostel and MBA hostel and then in Mumbai. Mumbai has a strong Gujarati community but its just not the same. Don't consider them true blue gujaratis. Some of my friends will kick me for writing this but there is a stark and a huge difference. I cannot really point it down. I was pretty disappointed the way this festival is celebrated here. There's just no zing and almost everyone turns up in a fusion of traditional and western, more so towards western dressing. Very few people are traditionally dressed and some that are, are way over the top and pretty loud. And I miss LAW GARDEN. The place for shopping for and during navratri. Sigh!!!! Its just not the same. This festival makes me nostalgic. Miss my gang :-(

My school gang at a garba night at St. Xaviers, Ahmedabad, 1998


  1. oh my god! my own thoughts. It is never the same, if you leave gujarat. I might just go to one gujju community dandiya event but I know it is not going to be the same. also you need a group to dance with. I miss all that. You keep making me nostalgic post after post.

    When you write more and more, you can only get better.

    Don't you doubt, it is all good, Meghna

  2. I know... its just never the same...
    and thanks for all the encouragement !!!! :-)Apprepciate it!

  3. Even i agree(despite being a Mumbaiite) as i have seen the Gujrat garba nights.. the flavor.. the feel there is completely authentic and pure..

    Here in Mumbai its to commercialized and the cosmopolitan crowd we have and to please them.. there are these bolly songs played on dandia beats.. which i just hate...

  4. hi :)

    in regards to your question, it really depends on my mood. if i feel like making and creating then i can do so in a short period of time. but when i'm just not feeling it, i really don't create anything.

    i hope that makes sense, in some way :)

    have a nice day!

  5. @shweta and @notebook - thanks for dropping by :-)