Peeking Colleague

You know, it really really really bugs me.... when somebody sneakily stands over my shoulder and stares into my computer. Especially when that someone is one of your colleagues with whom you get along just fine!!! Who is not the most loved colleague, avoided and given a chance mocking and insufferably rude!!!! 

I so totally detest this. Well, this happened today while I was going through some entertainment articles on the internet. This particular colleague sneaked in and just stood behind my chair for good 2 minutes. And mind you, this 'colleague' is at a damn good designation, has good amount of work experience plus a professional qualification. So much for the 'experience' and 'education'. 
Gave him my piece of mind on etiquette. Don't think its going to make much of a difference but got it off my chest. 

Office etiquette is not something which everyone is educated in. Be it in terms of writing email, conversations, dressing, code of conduct or just general behaviour. It pains me to see qualified CAs / MBAs just lacking in general etiquette and inadvertently creating a negative atmosphere. But I guess, its not something which can be taught but imbibed via good observation.  


  1. Yes, this type of behaviour is highly irritating, a friend had once shared the following on facebook :
    "Why is Facebook such a hit?
    Because it works on the principle that-

    'People are more interested in others life than their own-!"

    I think the last line applies irrespective of facebook... :-)

  2. I remember telling my mom to quit sending my little brother to sneak peek at my doings on the computer. Now she has been replaced by my collegmates..not even gud friends,...esp boys!

    I can relate to u!

  3. @AAD: I guess thats the funda abt Facebook...people are just too keyed in much so that I would effectively call it being meddlesome.... you find such jokers in the work place too!!!!

  4. @Red Handed: I guess when you are kids,there is a little bit of childishness.... but it becomes a major irritant factor in adult life!

  5. I recall having a similar confrontation with an office colleague many years back. It is highly annoying and no amount of reprimand, brings out any change in the such behaviour. I guess it a matter of attitude and how you have been brought up.

  6. @Anita: I guess.... but its just so irritating....