I am watching you watching me...
I am waiting for you to make your move!

Picture by Munish Aggarwal

Take Me Home

Take Me Home....please!
I don't like it here
In a box
No open spaces, 
No woolen ball,
 Makes it hard to bear
No friendly faces,
No one at all.

I don't like it here
In a box
No shoe laces to pull
No one to pamper me
There's so much of lull
There's lack of glee

I don't like it here
In a box.
I have been here, All my life, 
Not too much of a memory,
Not much of an open sky,
Dont feel no happiness
However, much I try

I don't like it here
In a box.
There's no friends here,
No one to play,
No mices here, 
During my entire stay.

I don't like it here
In a box.
I want to play too,
On the green grass,
Under the sun,
With wool tangled in my paws,
Escape the dreary
Of my life in a box!

Kala Ghoda 2012

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival has always been on my priority list whenever it happens...but somehow, this time, I was not able to spend as much time over there as I would have normally done :-(. Yeah - no excuses!!!! But have been keeping pretty occupied. No - its not about work, but somehow my weekends have been even busier then the weekdays. I found myself wanting for some 'me' time. Have not been able to do a lot of things since the last few weeks and that has left me a bit restless. But, but, but....don't want to start a cribbing session here. 

Went to the Kala Ghoda festival last sunday. Landed directly at Cross Maidan. That was a 'musical' evening. The performance by 'Band, Baaja, Bachhe' stole my heart :-). The kids belonged to the Salaam Bombay Foundation and gave an impressive performance. It was the first performance. There was not much of a crowd then. So lesser encouragement. Sometimes, I wonder, why such 'special' performances are slotted with the popular category of performance. Since its a 'not for profit' Art festival, these performances where it could actually make an impact to the lives of these children, should have been highlighted. But I guess - the organizers would have thought about that aspect.

The other "Star" performers of the evening were "The Other People", "Raaga Boys" and "Susheela Raman".  I quite like the music the "The Other People" play but somehow I felt, there was an audience mismatch. They were really good... but the audience was I guess more towards the hindi - bollywood music types!!! 

The Raaga Boys is a Pakistani Boy band and belonged to the 'Patiala' Gharana. Out of the 3 brothers who were the main lead, only one of them could sing properly. Felt there were too many people on the stage at the time of their performance. And well - they advertised their lineage a lot of famous uncles and cousins!!!!! And last but not the least, there was a performance by Susheela Raman. I think, I would have definitely liked it, provided I understood the language. She was singing in Tamil!!!! And she kept on singing in Tamil!!!....

Some Pictures I clicked....

The Other People

An exhibit

Raaga Boys
I would have loved to see more of Kala Ghoda, but paucity of time kept me away from it. It was by sheer coincidence that I met a fellow blogger Purvesh over there. 

Kala Ghoda Art Festival has played an important role in what makes Bombay "tick". I thoroughly enjoy what all it offers to the Mumbaikars as well as the artists. I hope it continues forever and does not have to deal with the string pulling as a lot of other festivals go through!!!!