About Me

M is just a commoner.... shall write about common happenings and common aspirations.... with common silliness (in full abundance).... with a little common sense.....about whatever I feel like writing or torture my readers with (if any :) - but thats what I'd like to believe).

I am married happily :), yes - thats possible with my bestest and goodiest (if such words exist) friend, hence you will find nothing related to "Lonely hearts club".... I work in an insurance company... I dont have any insurance :).... I am decent at my job... I have certain hobbies.... " "lazying around" gets the top slot, apart from watching movies, listening to my IPod... all the old hindi movie songs... which my hubby dearest detests, read.... light reading... too  much intellectual stuff is a bit too much for my head.... and heart.... love reading romance...yes am a great fan of M&B, have started to like cooking...:)

I live in Bombay, India... not Mumbai.... I so love the city.... wanted to be here since I was in school.... its my karmabhoomi.... my janambhoomi is Ahmedabad.... and I guess, if I bug you guys too much, very soon my maranbhoomi will also be decided :).

So thats it, its all so common about me.....

Hope you shall share your thoughts, good, bad and the ugly.... I like this movie. You can post your good opinions, keep the bad onces to yourself....;)

The end.


  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you choose to accept, its all in here:
    Have always loved your writing!

    1. thanks Tanu....http://meghnagarg.blogspot.in/2013/07/this-post-comes-very-late.html