Cleaning and Dusting

With festivals round the corner, I have been breaking my back over cleaning and dusting my place. Here, I take this opportunity to thank God who has gifted me with a such a wonderful househelp - Padma Kaki. She has been actively helping me out - no, she I have been lazily helping her out to clean up our home. I just had to tell her my intentions, and KABOOM --> the plan was set...and the execution even severe. Tomorrow shall be last day of cleaning. YAY!!!!! 

Cleaning and dusting is a very therapeutic activity for me. Very relaxing. I feel a lot of positivity in a a clean place. It frees you of the clutter in your home, in your space and hence it positively affects the corners of your mind too. Although, hubby dearest does not approve :-P... he likes things a bit messy...a bit scattered...his favourite quote is 'We live in a home, not a hotel'... 'I like things being imperfect...out of place'... Me- I am old school. Firmly believe, everything has an appointed place...and that - only that - is its right place. If its not that 'that' right place, then its out of place. If its out of place, then its -MESSY, - SCATTERED....

Hmmmm... With time, I would like to believe ;-), that we've found a middle ground, especially with Padma Kaki to the rescue for the annual, pre-Diwali, cleaning, I chew his brains a little bit lesser!!!!

Cleaning has its advantages... Have packed 2 cartons of old clothes to be given away. No books. I don't give away books as a rule. They are sacred to me. I discovered some old letters. Went through them again. Will post about them sometime :-). Some pieces of junk jewellery :-). Yeah - that too. Finally getting rid of them. And yes - that pair of old college jeans - when I thought, I could get back into them once again :-P...I kept them for 5 long years...yeah, am smiling about that....I yet dream about going to back to that size. Some nicks and pieces. All neatly stacked and packed ready to be given away. There's so much space created. Off with the old and the new is awaited (Applicable for old, non usable, crapy things only :-)). 

Tomorrow or perhaps day after shall be last day of cleaning and I truly have only Kaki to thank for that :-). 


  1. Your blog has 3 points from me :)

    1. Remember Asian paints Ad - "Har Ghar kuch kehta hain" :) yeah nice cleaning work on time before Diwali
    2. Theres more to tell on those letters you found. yeah.. waiting to hear about that.
    3. PLEASE FIND house help like Padma Kaki. Been searching for last 2 months :(

  2. All the best to you and of course Padma Kaki for your cleaning challenge.. see we have to face so many challenges.. cleaning, cooking, shopping, blogging :p. My moms gonna be after my life this weekend for the same purpose.

  3. *Reads the post, feels guilty and starts cleaning her home*

  4. @Nikhil : LOL...:-)

    @Anita : Dont sweat...I just like the physical activity at times..cos thats the only one i do!!! :-P

    @Shweta: ya, I guess... all the best for your cleaning..

  5. A true tribute to all the "Padma Kakis" around!