Happy Birthday Ma!!!

Its my mom's birthday today. Wish I could have done something special for her. But it seems not. Since the time, my folks have shifted from Ahmedabad to Delhi, she misses her garden the most. Totally in love with her plants as if they were her own blood, own children. There are plants, which we have been carrying from one house to other and are now 20 years old. Yes, there is especially one Jade Plant which is that old. Almost everyone in our neighbourhood in Ahmedabad has it. So now that particular Jade plant has siblings all over.

I remember whenever there used to be a house party or if small children were expected, she'd be on her toes. Not wanting even one leaf out of place. And if she has planted a new sapling, she'd go everyday to stare at it... see how much it has grown...be joyous over the new green leaves...

She had planted a papaya tree as well. And almost everyone, from our friends to neighbours have had a taste of it. She prides herself in her papaya tree. She even got 2 papayas for us in Mumbai when she came visiting us here.

Although I must admit, the gardener sure must be having a tough time with her. He gets good gardening lessons from her and sometimes from my dad. Botany was his major. Even now, when the house is rented out and my folks stay in Delhi, she sure has the gardener in control. Calls him up every fortnight to inquire about the health of her green 'children'....

The link to the garden pics at our home in Ahmedabad:

:-) She sure misses her garden... I hope, in the new place, she atleast gets a small patch to do something with it. Chances being rare in the capital but I hope nevertheless. BTW, I always wanted to play her the 'Mumma' Song from the movie Dasvidaniya. Someday, when I shall be confident of myself strumming and singing....I shall sing....for her...

Happy Birthday Mom...


  1. awww.. so sweet. She would be so proud and happy to read this post.

  2. Hey, happy birthday, mom. from all of us here.

  3. awwww super sweet post belated wishes to her

    I love gardening too,have many posts on the blog on this some are here


  4. a colourful memory circling arnd green! kudos to ur mom and belated wishes frm me!