Its been a crazy crazy weekend. Thanks to KarwaChauth I was busy - infact crazy busy !!! The pre-festival preparation, getting the mehendi done, getting the saree, bangles and all the tam jham ready took a toll on my time management skills.The D-day was as busy as ever. All that fasting and waiting for the moon in a cloudy sky took a lot of my time and energy that finally when the festival did get over, I did not have the time or the energy or the initiative to blog. On top of that, my brain was not giving any output. All it could dream of was my bed. 

Sometimes I think as to how festivals give a different persona to a person. In this case, a girl / woman. The modern, working and the ah-too busy woman, leaves all that she has to do, pause a day or two, turn into a traditional Indian wife / D-I-L, wear a saree, sindhur, bangles, - the works, wait for the moon - the almighty before even touching a drop of water or a morsel of food. Sometimes, I wonder, how we live dual lives. Not sure, if I am putting it correctly, but on one side there is this ultra modern, independent woman who is an office going ultra busy professional or a traveller or a socialite or a  novelist or a chef or an army person and on the other side, she is this 'bahu' / 'biwi'!!! 

 Not wanting to sound a feminist (hate being on either extremes), the duality in our traditions and our society amazes me and shocks me even.

Hmmmm....I guess, each one of us have their own point of views and thoughts about this. True - we enjoy the change, the festivities in the air, the dressing up, the delicacies, et al.... but all this leaves me brooding....


  1. Nice post! And very well defined dual roles that the woman of today play. Although, I say, this duality is what makes Women of today Stronger.The fact that we are well equipped emotionally to handle all roles in life, makes us strong and successful individuals. It is considered highly appreciative when a Working, independent woman of today can take the time out of her career to follow traditions. I love this dual role and quite proud of my strength. :)

  2. @Tanu : :-) I agree, its a strength of the woman to juggle all the roles... but I feel for those who are not as strong...and then eventually have to choose...and mostly the choice is of becoming a housewife!!! So much so that the word ' housewife ' has a negative connotation these days!!!

  3. Well, actually women dont play a dual role. They play a multiple role. and they play it amazingly well. :)