Friday Evening

The corner most glass cubicle. The best corner. Entire view of the floor. Amit sat staring intently in his laptop in his office. Looking at the pictures of the previous evening's party. Pretty girl she is...the new summer trainee...stars in her eyes and a dream to make it big. Showed in her behaviour...yes - in her clothes too, especially the short skirt. It would be nice taking her out for a drink, especially with today being a friday. Whats her name - ya -Prateechee!!!! Niiiiice...he thought to himself....He called Meena. His wife. He's going to be late. A total "guy" thing. 

She understood. He needed his space. Meena decided to make herself a quick Greek Salad and catch up on the latest Twilight movie on HBO. She liked to call herself the Homemaker. Used to work before marriage. Couldn't find a decent job upon shifting cities. Been 6 years now. Somewhere in between, she lost the will to work. Realized that she enjoyed staying at home. Doing this and that. Working on a novel actually. It would be a big surprise for Amit. She intended to gift him, her first published copy. Now THAT would be something. 

Till then, she's might as well enjoy the vampire movie that everyone's so gungo about these days!!!!Till then, she's waiting....patiently...for her day to arrive... Till then, she decided, she'll wait it out...

P.S. [To be continued- MAY BE]. First attempt for a short story as a part of Blogging Challenge. And as one can obviously see, I have been a big fan of M&B in my teenage :-P. 


  1. Nice Start.. yeah too short.. but then makes me eager to read "what next".. so post soon. Cool.

  2. Picture abhi baaki hai , Eager to read what unfolds next ..

  3. wow. you write fiction well! Amazing! I regret how i missed reading this in the first place. but am glad i caught up with this, though late!