My city...BESTEST !!!!

Yeah, I know the title is not the best example of proper English. But heck - I just borrowed it from a popular  advertisement tag line of 'My Daddy Strongest'. 

Mumbai - one city that makes me feel at home. Its been a little above 5 years, since I moved here. It was on my priority list since I was in school when I had come here for the first time for my architecture exams. That was the time, when I decided that I want to come back here. Be here. 

This city is vibrant. Full of energy. Of a mad rush yet one can feel the calm in it. There is so much noise in the air...of the people, corporates, stock markets, festivals, Gods and Politicians and not to forget the bourgois....I guess with so much around, you just need to find your favourite corner. Mine is at Marine Lines. Sitting there....watching the waves crash with the stones. The city lights turning bright. Your back towards the noise, of the people, of the traffic, behind. Just watching the skyline...of the Queen's necklace...sipping the chai that a chai wala sold to you for like Rs. 5 which is definitely not the best tea in the world. Its extraaaaa sweet and the plastic cup is too small. Its down in just two gulps. Yet, the sugary cup of tea added to my calmness...that I feel when I just sit watching the sea....

As much as you can fall in love with the city, its also very easy to hate it. For the population, pollution,  crowds, commuters, the distances,  the noise, people stepping on each other's toes and lives...everything...However much, I crib about it, I think of  leaving this city and going anywhere else.  

I can go on endlessly about Mumbai. It has its own personality. You can either love Mumbai or hate just cannot be indifferent to it. :-) I guess, its my favourite city in the world. 


  1. ahh exactly my thoughts.. Everyone feels the same passion when it comes to Mumbai.. this city attracts everyone.. Cheerz Mumbai .. The place rocks..

  2. I guess its the story of all cities there is something to love something to hate

  3. a while back I mentioned about mumbai.. I simply love Mumbai, it's vibrant, it's lively, it's restless, it's calm, it's rich and it's poor

  4. Its my favorite too. The problem with this city is its too fast and once you get addicted, then theres no going back! (keep it coming!)