Flower plant

I have been a very successful plant killer...:-)yes -I have managed to kill a lot many plants either by watering too much or a wrong positioning in the sun or simply by sheer negligence.

But this plant beats me hands down. It grows and it grows and it flowers a lot which gives me immense happiness. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of this plant. Do you?

P.S. an updated pic. Apparently the one put before was not clear enough.


  1. looks like a vinca. upload a bigger image :)

  2. the rebel that grows because you love it too much..

  3. Put a Brighter picture

  4. Wгite more, thats all I have to say. Lіterally,
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    1. :-)Thanks Terry(assuming that your name from your page)... I will try to better it... the thing is all these pics / video come up when its been too long since I have written anything and these sort of come up as a consolation / compensation...not sure if this is the right word...but yes - I will try to be more frequent with my thoughts rather than the videos / pictures..