Friday Again!!!!

I spent the last weekend, a long one infact, at Ahmedabad. I had a list of To-Do's before I even reached there and bragged about it in my previous post.Just a small status update on that:

1. Bake a Cheesecake :  Not Done :-( (my excuse - no blueberries and no strawberries)

2. Visit Adalaj              : Not Done (my excuse - photography is not allowed there anymore)

3. Take some pictures in the garden: Clicked randomly for half an hour :-P (Ya - I know what you are thinking....:-P, will post some pictures in some new posts later on...)

4. Watch the World Cup Finals (Yes - I did :-) :-D ) and YAYYYYYYY!!!!!
With reference to point 4, that was awesome. After 28 long years, the Cricket World Cup is ours FINALLY!!!! Benefits of winning the world cup (for the nation and the cricketers) are as follows :

1. Its ours for the next 4 years!!!!

2. We can go on and on and on and on about it....It is etched in almost everyone's memories....easy topic of conversation and yes - no chance of offending anyone.

3. Finally my hubby and dad can be one side of the conversation...:-)

4. Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray watched cricket peacefully ....;-) (Mumbaikars were saved from further hooliganism...) 

5. The crowd at the stadium did some serious celebrity spotting ....

6. We can give Kapil Dev a break and now start our conversations like, "When Dhoni's boys won the World cup.........."

7. General insurance companies got business...I hear Dhoni has now been insured for Rs. 34 crores..:-O (*gasp*)

8. The team can now earn more via endorsements and attending marriages.... hopefully there will be no match fixing rumors!!!!

and last but not the least...

9. Sachin Tendulkar....:-) can sleep peacefully....its like the icing on the cake...after giving 21 years of his life to the sport...he has been an important part of the WINNING world cup team.

And the cricket crazy nation can now get on with their lives.....(*phew*) :-)

Well to celebrate the success of the match, I decided to learn something new from my mom... made Spring rolls the next day...:-). Easy to make, atleast thats what it looked like, and definitely yummy.....:-) I wish I could remember the recipe and call it really my own making....:-P but I am sure, it can be "googled" easily :-).

P.S. My mom has become a fan of Zee Khana Khazana. I need to subscribe to that channel soon !!!!


  1. What???? no shopping?HOw could You??
    I am so disappointed!!:-(
    But the rest of it sounds very nice!! I rofl after reading this "Finally my hubby and dad can be one side of the conversation...:-)"

    Cricket crazy nation will see no respite because the IPL is on...:-)

  2. Hahahah even if the TO DO list was not checked out fully, atleast you have a fun and fulfilling weekend. :D

  3. super yummy and smiling post.

    bless your day.

  4. lolss

    I enjoyed reading this one.. :)
    I too get clicking random pictures often- don't try to think anything.. :D

    The spring rolls.. they look springlicious!
    Many Hugs xx