I have met John Galt, princess of Arabia and her daughters...
I have met Jane, Twain, and lain under the sun...
I have met Tintin, Tinkle and Tarzen
I have been through the jungles and lived through Panchtantra
I have met kings of old and queens galore....
I have been through you, via lands ashore....
I have seen lives unfold and stories re-told....
I have interpreted you....
I have understood you....
I have been interested...
I have been confused…
I have been bored....
I have loved your interpretations....
I have travelled through time....
I have been ... touched.... enlightened....
I have heard you in my mind....
I have sifted through your pages
I have talked to you.... 
My friend, my guide, my fellow traveller...for the coming ages..


  1. Nice poem. Poignant for a time when books are deemed less and less important. Thank you for sharing!

  2. A lovely ode to our dear friends. : )

  3. Wow, wonderful, and so truly said, we travel the whole world through books and they are our traveller, guide and friend. You have captured and written so beautifully what each of us expereince through books.

  4. You have therefor you will!

    A nice tribute to books.
    Nicely written.


  5. I always have a book as a fellow traveller to!

    A lovely piece. Thanks for sharing.

  6. rich words.
    Glad to see you share your book perspective with us.

    have fun in the rally.

  7. Wonderful poem...well written :)

  8. A book is always interesting! :) Loved it!

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  9. Both inspired and inspiring - just like books :)

  10. I love books too!!! You have captured my feel as well :)
    Keep up with the readining!

  11. Wow those meets must have been really enthralling..

    Cute and nice piece..


  12. Perfect! I too have traveled to distant lands and times via books, they are only as great as the writer's words and how he takes you on his journey, and you have taken me on a wondrous journey indeed!

    Off to read poem #12 for poets rally week 44!

  13. Nothing like a good book and a wonderful poem =) Great job!

  14. Where would this world be without Books and beautiful WORDS to fill the pages! Very nicely said.

  15. A lovely little journey in and of itself. ;o)
    Thanks for that!

  16. Wonderful tribute to books! Great job

  17. The companions you can carry forever with you in your soul or in your pocket-lovely ode to books!

  18. Books can be the best of friends!

  19. Loved it over and over again!
    So well written and I am sure any book lover will connect with your words, even those who are not into poetry. Thanks for writing this!

  20. o! the journeys and voices found within nicely written books...what an ode! :)
    enjoy the rally!

  21. I agree with each one of you :-) and thanks for such wonderful comments. Been really stuck with work hence just could not find the time to reply properly. But no excuses. Thanks once again. And I shall definitely make it a point to visit your blogs too.

  22. Books and blogs, stories told by bards of old, holy trips to shrines, places in space, tales of romance and magic, all of these can be visited through authors all around. Your poem says it very well. Thanks and kudos!

  23. With all sincerity, books made me the person I am today. I admired the good qualities and strengths of the characters I loved, and have tried to emulate them throughout my life. Thanks for bringing my love of books to print. I enjoyed this very much!

  24. Beautiful poem, you capture everything a reader feels about books. Well written.

  25. i dont know what life would be like if there were not books. thankfully we do not have to find out!

    my credential isnt working so,


  26. This really made me smile. Book-based adventures are the best.

  27. Hee hee, I liked the line with Jane and Twain.
    And I liked your honesty in admitting to being bored as well as enthralled.

  28. i so agree with you... they have the ability to take you into a differerent world everytime u pick one.... and a good and interesting read is a delight....:-)