Office Comparisons

Ekta and me were comparing notes on our work places when we met in Hyderabad. She works in a rival general insurance company. Rival??? - I am not too sure about the "rival" bit but anyways.....

Ekta        : If there is a function in my family in Chennai, my boss asks me to leave early :-P
Me          : Well mine too. Atleast he has never said no.

Ekta        : We can use GTalk.
Me          : Me too :-P
Ekta        : :-P

Ekta        : We have had no offsites.
Me          : Me too :-P
Ekta        : :-P

Ekta        : No increment.
Me          : Me too :-P
Ekta        : :-X

Ekta       : I get leaves without much hassle.
Me         : Yeah!!! This one I am winning - I can take "SICK LEAVES" in ADVANCE  and well  accumulate them too :-O
Ekta       : You WIN *clap clap*
Me         : *Taking a bow*

P.S. I had to win this one ;-)


  1. Well I guess then the HR is too Lenient for the leave part... Oops or is it again done by mistake by HR...:-)

  2. This was simply awesome

  3. LoL. Is ekta reading this?? If not, let me email it to her. :-)

  4. @Sarika : lets just say, its a team work
    @Anita : hehehehe....she already read it ;-)