A Phone Call

This was a random call from a job seeker to the dealing room. The caller was calling for the 2nd time for a job opportunity. The first time he called, it was answered by a new joinee in the team who really didnt know how to respond. Then of course, the pro steps in ;-)
Caller  : Hello???
Me      : Hello. Who's this?
Caller  : Hello, is this Dhasti?
Me      : [He's got the name wrong, the name is Khyati], No- this is not Dhasti.
Caller  : Can I talk to Dhasti?
Me      : There is no one by the name of Dhasti over here. You've called a wrong number. [about to disconnect]
Caller  : No, no. I wanted to apply for the job of the trader.
Me      : Please contact the HR. They are responsible for vacancies in the company.
Caller  : No - no. My friend Ashish told me that there is a vacancy here.
Me      : Who am I talking to?
Caller  : Ashish.
Me      : Ashish from? [I meant the company]
Caller  : Ashish from Ghatkopar!!!!
Me      : :-P :-O [whaattttt] [ rejected already!!!!]
Me      : Ashish, please get in touch with the HR team. They will guide you.
Caller   : Give me the number?
Me      : [ Rejected again - didnt use the word "please" and yes - I am not the receptionist]
Me      : Its available on the company website.
Me      : Thanks [putting the receiver down]
Me      : [to myself] Phew!!!!!  The nerve of the guy!!!
All of us : Ha ha ha :-D


  1. Haha! You should search for an Ashish from Ghatkopar and pull his ear at least once, just for the heck of it.

  2. woah!!
    Crazy indeed!!

    I too have a few of these coming in.. good idea.. will blog those now..

    Weekend hugs xox