The long weekend of Good Friday had been planned well in advance. The gang decided to meet (the gang about which I spoke in detail in one of my earlier posts). And well, it all materialised :-). Its been 5 years since we all passed out. 5 years since we all have been through the various phases of life. 5 years since we've become more wise, sensible and intelligent (well - hopefully) and 5 years since all of us met TOGETHER. Well, we have met in bits and pieces but not all of us together :-). 
Ekta (Chennai), Munish, me and Megha (Mumbai) coordinated our flights to almost land at the same at the Hyderabad airport. Must say, its an awesome new international airport. One can easily spend time over here. After landing, we went on a treasure hunt. A Treasure hunt to reach Shobha's place with popular landmarks like Karur Vyasa Bank branch and a tree plus a random shop :-P. Finally, we managed to find each other after the driver pointed gleefully at the "laadies" standing on the sidelines ;-) (hehehehe). And yes - she is THE ONE. At whose place we would be crashing for 2 nights and 3 days. Free lodging, free boarding and free food. Plus a cute little girl called Aaradhya to hang out with (<3 :-) ).
So - all of us were eating at once, talking at once and me - trying to sleep for once. Dont blame me. I slept at 12 and woke up at 3 to catch a flight at 5. All the timings are in A.M. The rest can but I really cant do without my beauty sleep :-P. sigh!!!! I tried in vain to sleep for an hour but the little devil - oops ANGEL....<3 wouldn't let me plus all the loud laughter of the ADULTS was really it. Yeah - I am a lazy person plus I can sleep on demand :-).
Soumya came in later with her little 6 months old bundle by the name of Medhya. Sweet little darling (thats because she stays put, does not walk, talk or run) untill she grows up. I can imagine both the mommies, Shobha and Soumya, exchanging notes on the little developments of their champs.
Was meeting Ekta after 3 years. In the meantime, she has married and is settled in Chennai. Also working in a rival general insurance company. Well - we were also exchanging notes as to whose company is worser.
Our husbands exchanged notes on work and wives :-P.
There was a lot of coochie cooing all the time over the kids. I guess they were the centre of attention and attraction. Bouncing off like in game of passing the parcel, I am sure they must be enjoying every bit of attention.
We roamed the streets of Hyderabad in a traditional sense. Shobha and Rajneesh took us to Golconda Fort and treated us to some awesome medu vadas at a local shop nearby. Wish I had a picture. (Ya ya - I try not to be one of those who clicks a pic of everything eaten and updates it on facebook - I know quite a few who do :-) - In case you are one of those are reading this, no offence :-) ). Well - we had the vadas again.
There was a visit to Shilparaman, a permanent handicrafts exhibition, Charminar and Laad Bazaar. We shopped a lot. And hence by the time we got home, we were just about ready to eat anything.
Shobha and Rajneesh treated us to a Dominos pizzas. A treat for their new home. We wiped that one out in a matter of minutes.
Gaurav had got the game of Pictionary. Was playing it for the first time. :-P (Ya - go ahead - giggle or laugh out loud). We were yelling and fighting within 10 minutes of it already. And yes - we did get emotional while playing it :-P. Hence, for the sake of mankind and friendship we stopped :-D.
On our last day of our visit, Soumya treated us to a home cooked lunch at her place. Yes - she cooked. We ate. She served us snacks. We ate. She served us soft drinks. We drank. The desert - wiped out. WOW!!!!
It was time to leave. There was a flight to catch back home. Back to the regular rigamarole of life :-). It was a good and a welcome break. We actually enjoyed meeting the old and the new persons at the same time. It was interesting to note the growth of each one of us and note how all of us have turned out. And I must say, we pretty much did a decent job.
Looking forward to more of such heartwarming and lovely get-togethers.

P.S. For more details on sight seeing check this link out

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