Crappy Poem

You lucky people.... today I am in a good mood .... so well I am here to write a few lines which rhyme.... well – I think they already do....

Am thinking of a topic,
So that I can pen my thoughts on the subject,
However, it defies any logic,
And hence is liable for reject....

Its been a long time,
Since I found any rhyme....
Its become a crime....
For an entire life time....

Wish I had the skills....
So that I could rhyme to my fill...
The words which come to my mind are – NILL.....:O
But Hey – chill.....

I think I shall spare you the torture,
And let you read something which is more mature.....
I know – you will not get lured ;)
For you are already floored?????!!!!!!


Well – is that it..... disgusting is all I can.... its so not fair... for some to be so articulate and for some to be simply loss at words.....
Well – anyways, enjoy a few lines on alcohol....Here it goes....

Alcohol, to the nights you won't remember
With friends you would never forget,
Alcohol, for the moments you dropped many tears
With friends who teach you to drink them
Alcohol, for the phases of insanity
With friends who become a part of it
Alcohol, for the times you smoked a pack
With friends who added to the stack
Alcohol, for the past we all miss
With friends who somewhere always know this

- Anonymous


  1. Gr8 wrk meghna.
    fultooooo bakwasssss.

  2. Bravo! Well done. You have a sense of humor.

    Thanks also for posting Alcohol. Never read that one before.

    Happy Rally days... Nice to"meet" you.

  3. love it,
    thanks for sharing, please let us know after you are done a minimum 18 poets visiting..

    no upper bound, enjoy.

  4. I love meta-poetry. Sometimes when you can't think of anything to write about, it's the best subject.

  5. lol :D that had some rhyme for sure, Meghna.. even randomness has rhyme :D

    Here's My Poem For Poets Rally

  6. Thanks Jamie and Vinay....:-)

    Hi Jingle, will let u know when I comeplete my visits....:-)

  7. i thought it was a funny piece. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for visiting and liking my poem.