News Readers

Ever since I have started sitting in the dealing room as a part of my work profile, there is no choice but to watch business channels.... only business news channels..... Initially my interest in the content of the news being presented was high.... the movement of the stocks, of the speakers, of the business events, monetary policy, govt borrowing plan, divestment plans....etc etc....

But later my attention span started to waver.... The news just went on like some unwanted noise in the background ..... for eg. how we ignore the traffic noise.... if and when I did look up to to the television screen, all I noted was the news readers / anchors.... started noticing the subtle nuances of their behaviour.... say for eg. how easy it is to understand that Mitali Mukherjee is in a good or a bad mood today.... or how Latha venkatesh changes her sari twice in a day.... strangely enough, all of them have the same taste in clothes, jewellery (necklaces), they all have the same straight hair.... and by God, sometimes they all look alike.... :) amazing.... if you look closely enough at all of them, trust me you will find that they have started to look alike.... of course, some would attribute it to the fact that CNBC has its own in house parlour or something, but this is some customization I say.... or some effect the stylist has on them... they all manage to look like.... national integration I say!!!!

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