India Vs Pakistan

Now that the India Vs Pakistan Match is over and done with, I guess most of the Indians can get on with their lives. India Won. We won. And what a match!!! There were some surprises though - The many misses by the Pakistan team - 6 misses actually, in terms of bidding farewell to Sachin Tendulkar (Referred to as God by many a cricket fan), Good bowling by Ashish Nehra - which was a surprise!!! As Rajdeep Sardesai said on his show post the match, It was as if the Gods had written the fate (read between the lines!!!!).
Me - am not a cricket fan. Don't enjoy the sport as much. Last time, I sat through a complete match was in 1996, India Vs Pakistan. Thats it.
Had taken half a day off for the match. Some friends had come over. So was more excited about the cheering, eating and high adrenaline levels. Munish was in his most excited state. I tried sitting through the match, but couldn't :-P.
Logged on the internet. Twitter was more interesting.... the cheering, the jeering, the abusing...well - that was some fun...and yes the Ashish Nehra jokes...Well that was more fun...
The city took on a deserted look...and I guess the same holds true for the entire nation. Thought of ordering some response there too...:-O
Sometimes, I feel that all this....all this hype and hoopla, the drama...over between the 2 it really worth all the national wastage of time, energy and money...Why are our lives put on hold...why is it the leaders of our nation, leave everything and make their presence for more almost 8 hours for this match...Think they must not have so much time at office also...the bollywood celebrities, the industrialists...everyone...its like as if you been arrested by this craze....what beats me, why cricket...why not hockey or kabbaddi or swimming, or shooting or any other sport....Guess, we are one cricket crazy nation!!!!


  1. We Indians are born with a heart for cricket. And even if you are not a fan, Yesterday you definitely were.

  2. :-)<3 thnx....for following my blog and for your wonderful comments on some of the posts. very encouraging!!!!

  3. Why cricket? Because our cricketers made our nation proud since long. They provided us the opportunity to cheer innumerable times. They compelled us to become cricket lovers. Victory is a matter of satisfaction and delight. Watching your nation on the top is a matter of pride, whether it is cricket or anything else. We all wish our Indian team all the best. Don’t you hope & wish that Indian team brings the shining glory home? You do I guess.

  4. It is a matter of pride when our country does well in something and when that is repeated again and again, it gets the attention and converts many a heart.
    If hockey were to do it or shooting too, ie win again and again, it would be only a matter of time that they would be exhaulted too.

    Also, team games would always have more mass following compared to individual's game.

  5. I agree with both your point of views at some level, but really, I have just not been crazy enough about the game... and I dont understand it...:-P ....all that adrenaline is gr8...but cant get beyond that...:-)