Mid-week chutti - Yeh Saali Zindagi

Had a mid week holiday yesterday...wednesday that is...occasion being Maha Shivratri... was observing fast... hence had some "fast" food -if I may say so...Komal came over to my place...since she was fasting too...thought it would be easier :-P..well it was not...not wanting to waste much energy and then end up feeling hungry later, we stayed put at my place ...watching television... Got bored very soon...had a mid day nap... got even more bored....finally we decided to drag our lazy selves and catch a movie at a cinemax near by... "Yeh Saali Zindagi"....:-). The smell of the popcorns was all around but we focussed on the movie... Overall, the movie was nice..worth watching..paisa wasool... Well, what follows below is not exactly a movie review but something which I wanted to write about ....
'Yeh Saali Zindagi' is a thriller...fast paced...does not waste time.... and as for the movie goer - one better be focussed or you miss out on the understanding bit...
The movie was very well scripted. All the characters were defined properly. Since, the movie was based out of Delhi, NCR, it missed the dialogue delivery style of a typical Dilliwala. However, towards the end, the movie tends to become a bit slow and predictable, making one wonder about the ending. Too much complexity or inter-connection between the characters works quite the opposite at times.
Irfaan Khan was outstanding in this film...excellent performance and a very mature one at that...Chitrangadha Singh was good.... and well all the actors gave a good performance.
Its a typical Sudhir Mishra film and must be watched. Its not everyday that one gets to see a good thriller!!!!

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