Chocolate Cookies

I have been reading a lot from Anita's Blog  lately and must admit that I got bit by the baking bug. Hence over the previous weekend, decided to try out my first sample of chocolate biscuits / cookies... call them what you like :-P
Well this is what my first tray and sample looks like.
My key learnings from this baking experiment:
1. Do not use Ghee (or processed Ghee - in my case Amul Ghee): It left a slight salty taste on the edges.
2. Use a good measure of Baking soda (actually more than 1/4 teaspoon)
3. Try not to make plain chocolate cookies... some dry fruits or choco chips could add a different dimension. 
4. Try baking more often....:-)
Receipe used for this baking experiment:
1. I dare not share it since the taste of the cookie was not something I was proud of.
2. The author might sue me :-P
Outcome of this experiment:
1. I praised my own baking to my mother and mother - in - law (since no one else was going to do it).
2. Hubby had half a cookie since he got a shock of how much sugar and "ghee" I had used.
Moral of the story:
1. Bake more.
2. Bake no more.
Think I will try the former :-)!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Meghna,

    Kudos to you for trying ...
    My only point is, why did you use Amul Ghee?? Substitute of butter???? You CANNOT do that!!

    anyways... for a first attempt , its amazing!!!! Please please continue baking!! and make sure all your measurements are exact because Baking is a science and even the slightest of change in the recipe can bring out a huge difference in the end product!
    But it was a sweet sweet, sweet post.

    Loved it!