TGIF - Thank God Its Friday!!!

This week has been an unusually short one for  me. Monday - Wednesday were spent in Delhi with PILs, thursday was almost half day, since the other half was spent watching the India Vs Australia Quarter Final and well - today is friday...Thank God :-). Havnt really got used to being back at work.
Must check out Twitter. Not one active member of the twitter fraternity does not comment on today being friday...and tag it with #TGIF ...everyone has plans ...though how many of them materialize is another story. And then these very members will comment on the coming Monday and its horrors...and then go ga-ga over the most awaited India Vs Pakistan Semi Final on Wednesday at Mohali and tag it with #WC2011. Twitter is one such active community where there are discussions over breakfast, lunch, dinner, shoes, sandals, bosses, politicians, etc...basically anything and everything...People love insulting...over twitter...and hey, they enjoy it too...the bouquets and the brickbats ...are all a part of the game...
Done with my morning comment of #TGIF on twitter.....decided to plan my weekend...well not much planning to do since Munish has a sprain in his right leg. He went hobbling to office today!!!! Will re-fill the refridgerator with veggies and juices!!! Got to store up some junk as well or else how is India Vs Pakistan going to be enjoyed!!!
Planning to go to Fort today after office...check out some camera bags ..which I saw in .... a very very useful website... will know which one is cheaper...the shops at Fort or the website!!!!

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