Mumbai - Delhi

Had been planning for a trip to Delhi since quite some time. My In-laws stay there. Had got the tickets booked in December itself for the festival of Holi which was on the 19 / 20 of March. Being in investment banking, it becomes almost impossible for him to pre-plan a tour or a holiday. Not untill the last minute it is decided if the planned trip will happen or not.

Seems the trip was not going to happen (because of his work schedule). Got the tickets cancelled on thursday. Started calling up my In-laws... about the cancelled plan...regretted...they were dissappointed...hmmm...well...can't help it....

Just 2 hours after my regret call...Munish called and confirmed the plans....Now, we wanted to go but well - there were no bookings....sigh!!!!

We got the tickets a high festival premium....Hmmmm....Well - his trip was sponsored by the company :-) so that was a silver lining....I hastily started packing - AGAIN....rushed down the building...hailed an auto - got one quickly - and left for the airport...On reaching the airport...I realised I forgot my contact lenses...I was wearing my spectacles...

[well - about my contacts...I am virtually blind if I am not using them. Was using an old pair of specks...hence they were a number less :-(...]

There were long queues at the airport....was informed there was a system failure ....SpiceJet, Go Air and Indigo were affected....Munish came in half an hour later...directly from office.....Check-in was done manually....stood in the queue for nearly an hour...Well- we finally boarded the flight...45 minutes late....:-).

As soon as the flight took off, I dozed off...Was rudely awakened during landing....It was not a very smooth one...the breaks were screeching...I remember saying my prayers during the landing process.....we landed :-). It was almost 11:00 PM....Thanks to the flight authorities, the suitcase lost a we literally had to drag it after a point of time...mercifully, there was no other hiccup....reached home by 1:30 AM...

And Holi celebrations began the next day!!!!

P.S. Ain't got no pictures to post :-(


  1. Did I tell you that the blog template is super. It captures the essence of what you write perfectly. Good going.

    I thought the post was incomplete becasue I was expecting that you would write about how you celebrated holi and what all you did.

    "Dobhi Ghaat" type treatment diya tumne. Such a fab and engaging start and then.. contd bhi nahi likha. :(
    Enjoyed the post though.
    I voted for your Picture btw. Hows that going?

  2. :-) Thanks ...I had been wanting to change the template since quite some time... I agree with your view... this post is like "Dhobi Ghat"...but just that...Holi was a very simple nothing much to post about it...

    About the pic, there has been no update...I guess didnt get selected :-(