The End of the Blogger Challenge

I had participated in a Blogger challenge for the entire month of October, 11. A bunch of bloggers got together via twitter and started to blog   for various reasons!!! I got in this simply because, one, I had never participated in a blogger challenge before, two, I wanted to improve on my writing skills and three push myself to write something worthwhile once a day. 

But...but...but...mother of all But's... *no pun intended*.... Diwali happened. It happened with my immediate family, in laws and all the gang of outlaws - my relatives!!! My uncles and aunts and cousins!!! Phew!!! A friend of mine commented that I am going on a two week holiday to Delhi to get pampered - EXCUSE ME!!!!! I had no breathing space, everyday was different!!!! More on that later...

Anyways, coming to the point, giving no excuses, the challenge went for a toss :-(. I could not continue. Could not even check my mails and apologize for not contributing....found the time to do so only when I came back. I could post only for half of the month. Got to complete a story I wrote somewhere in between... got to thank all my blogger buddies I made... and wish to thank all of them, because the interaction with them has only made me richer!!!! 

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