2010_The year that was

2010 was a decent year.... A couple of trips, some events on a personal level... but nothing much professionally..... In short, it was Maska Chaska - 50-50 :-P. Guess that was a poor joke.
It was a year of nothings I guess!!! But yes - there is a silver lining to a dark cloud....there were a few wonderful highlights.
My brother's engagement  (December 2010) was like a milestone achieved in our family history. With a background belonging to a of very traditional "extended" family, it was a huge task of convincing almost everyone in the family to agree to a proposal of him getting engaged to a girl belonging to another community!!!! Especially my 90 year old grandfather... But looking back now, feel that he had more common sense than most :-). Had it not been for the diplomacy of my dad and my adamant mom and of course my undying support to my brother's decision, it would have taken another couple of months !!!! But all's well that ends well I guess!!! :-)
The trip to Ladakh was the best thing that happened in July 2010 A lot of firsts in a lot of regards... The first road trip....The first trip at 17,500 ft without any major health issues of puking or fever or symptoms of mountain sickness...The first time, we (Hubby and me) took more than 2000 pics from our first DSLR Olympus E520. It was an awesome trip, which gave me a taste of what travelling "seriously" would be like....It gave me a feeling of being so small and insignificant in this world, the magnificence of the Himalayas.... the different cultures... people, food, language, art, dance, climate, landscape...the beauty struck me... never seen anything like that....never been exposed to something so enriching and wonderful. This trip also introduced for the first time to joys of capturing pictures...it introduced me to the world of photography.
Only regret is not being able to visit Nubra Valley (the Aryan civilization) 
Guitar (Since July 2010) was an instrument which I had been meaning to learn to play since I was like 13. Finally, after a lot of deliberation, I have started to learn to play the guitar. Have learnt scales, now working upon it. There has been a slow progression to chords as well.
One of the regrets being I had thought of appearing for the FRM certification but in the end I dropped the idea... now I regret it... Will be appearing for the Level 1 of the certification in May 2011 now.
There have been a few learnings as well. An easy, stress free job is good but not for a long time. It does not add value to you professionally. Its very important to be a bit agressive when one is young in one's professional life...can take it slow when old. Learning being, there is no gain without pain. Also, this year has sort of been a differentiator in a lot of ways. I have realised the important of family ties, learnt to discriminate and differentiate between acquantainces, fair weather friends and friends and professional buddies. There are some ties which you do not label. They just are....
By and large, 2010 was good. Memorable in some ways and well, as I look back.... I will cherish this decade.... :) for a lot of things...

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