2010_The decade that was

By and large, 2010 was good. Memorable in some ways and well, as I look back.... I will cherish this decade.... :) for a lot of things...
For starters, I began with the 2nd year of my engineering at Dhule.....3 years of my hostel life....made some wonderful friends :-)...and even more amazing enemies...:-P... some enemies became friends and some friends become enemies... and well - some - fell in almost categories.
Now that I have started writing, I feel I have so much write... so much to tell.... that makes me think I will divide this blog....
2003: The year I became an Engineer from SSVPS COE, Dhule
2006: The year I completed my MPIB (Finance), Pune
2006: The year when Munish and me decided to spend our lives together
2006: The year I lost Puneet, my 19 year old star brother.
2007: The year I left Deloitte to join ICICI Prudential AMC.
2007: The year I got engaged to Munish
2008: The year I got married to Munish
2008: The year we honeymooned in Dalhousie and I formatted the camera by mistake and lost all pics in the process
2009: The year we went to Goa
2009: The year I left ICICI Prudential AMC to join Universal Sompo GIC
2010: The year we went to Ladakh. The most awesome ('est) trip.
2010: The year I went to Goa for the 2nd time. Realised Goa is no fun without Munish :-)
2010: The year my brother Mayank got engaged.
Planning to divide it in 2001-03, 2004-06, 2006-08 and 2008 onwards.
Till I post again!!!! :-)

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