2006: The year when Munish and me decided to spend our lives together

Strange are the ways of destiny... sometimes things happen when you least expect them to happen... :-) Munish and me had been good friends during college...Well-we were never the best of friends...never ever thought that we'd end up spending our lives together...

But I guess what will be ...will be....

Like they say, 'The heart has its reasons... which reason does not know!!!! "

We, in our own little important ways, were moving towards another life...but I guess Destiny had other plans....

However, after all the hankering, running around, discussions - wise and otherwise, what did materialize was my life with Munish ....:-)

[Thank God - well literally :-)]

Now before I get all mushy, on a day post Valentine's day, I wish I could understand the patterns or paths our lives take ..... the twists and the turns... and of course, the everlasting, never ending....HAPPY ENDING!!!!

Our wedding invite :-)

P.S. Happy Valentines Day !!!!!

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