My new Guitar

Needed a new guitar....Hubby decided to sponsor it as a Christmas and a New Year's Gift :) Yippeee... Well, first things first...JustDial came handy... asking for information on all guitar dealers in the suburbs. Pat came all the smses...:) and also a call of Musician's Mall, Khar. The dealer was hell bent on selling me a guitar on phone...and went out by criticizing my choice :-X which I didnt like one bit. Hence, he got a curt reply and the call disconnected :-O. Well, we went to Raghuleela Mall, Kandivili (W). A nice gentleman had his store on the 2nd Floor. Par afsoos, the options weren't enough...We chit chatted and left :-).
Some more R&D later, we decided to go to town... Yikes... on a sunday afternoon... Now I am at my laziest best on Sunday afternoons...had it not been for the instrument, I would not have moved my lazy self. So, we went to Town...South Bombay or SoBo as it is now known - sometimes... Shalu Musicals ( it was... the Dealer had a range of guitars.... electronic, acoustic, semi acoustic, amplifiers, the works..... tried my hand on each of them... and finally settled on a beginners guitar... Hobner... :) Yay!!!! I then became the proud owner of my first NEW guitar :)
Will get it tuned by my music teacher.. hehehe...dont want to experiment by pulling the strings especially when I dont know how !!!!!
Check out the images....

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  1. I know how *excited* you feel when you get your FIRST guitars! I was equally excited when i got mine. Rock on!