Blog Update

A lot of little things have been happening in my life. A lot of planned and unplanned travel, Poland for work, Delhi for  a cousin's wedding, Bangalore for a friend's wedding, Alibaug for a get-together and an official one day 'team bonding' session waiting to happen this weekend. In between, attending Kala Ghoda, meeting up with my ex boss, chatting up with friends, helping friends shift out, watching some of very good movies - Descendants, Paan Singh Tomar and Kahani, along with my work life which has now taken an a U-turn from what it used to be before. For lack of effective time management, had to let go of a couple of my guitar classes and blogging.

I am busy but not stressed. The only thing which stresses me out is myself when I start ticking off my To-dos!(which personally - I think - has not turned out right for me). 

Its like running, the only difference is that though I feel I have ran a lot, I am yet standing there :-P.... you know that much to do - yet nothing!!!! Its precisely that feeling that has overcome me these days. 

Yeah - I hear that little voice inside my head, nagging and cribbing and feeling ignored. I guess a week more, and then, hopefully, things should settle down. 

Until then, Arrivederci!!!

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  1. italian and all? Nice :-)
    Have a sorted week ahead.