They are a strange species...these 'people'... typically classified as homo sapiens or as human beings and well generally as 'people'... In this category, well- there are all sorts of people. No - this is not a philosophical post. This is definitely not one of those crib sessions about what kind of bad people are around..blah blah blah.... Well then is just about my happiness ( too strong a word ;-)) in having loved / hated /dealt / met / lived / laughed / cried / fought / etc with some of them and boy am I glad I met at least some of them. 

Have come across quite of few of them in my short span of life. Remember some of them and definitely don't remember lots of them. Some of them have been around for a little while.. not long... but they have been good... remember them with happiness. Some of them were just around...many  a times classified as acquaintances.. Some of them I hoped didn't stay for so long in my life..well there are some of them like that and I feel I could just be a bit more of me without them...Some of them have been good friends...some of them have been not... No regrets... all of them played a role.

Its been good so far. Don't have many of them in my life but yes I do cherish the fact that they stayed... this long...:-). This is just my small way of saying Thank you people :-). Most of them have moved on. I just wish that they remember me with as much nostalgia as I remember them. 


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