Memory Revisited

The article has been published as my first attempt on over HERE!!!. This entirely is a work of fiction and should not be understood in any other mannar.

Totally love the music of Indian Ocean. Famous for “Kandisa” and “Arre ruk ja re Bande” from the movie Black Friday being one of my personal favourites. Took some out and left early to attend their show at Bandra Times Festival. Komal and I got a place to stand just towards the end of the ground...we moved and swayed along happily...and were mightily euphoric listening to the group...

The strains of music beat down my ear drums... the strumming of the guitar and the synchronised drum beats and the tabla....the throbbing speakers... the loud, melodious voice....the cheer of the crowds... I was thoroughly enjoying the music....the foot tapping incessantly...

I was transported....some 8 years back.... to the hostel days in my Engineering College. I had just discovered “Kandisa”. I had listened to it day and night. Didn't understand an alphabet of the song but I guess that was not required... Mayna and me were crazy about this music. We were in her room...listening to the cassette on her tape recorder....the local electrician made speakers thumping loudly....both of us lost in the strains...sort of in a trance....staring at the the slow revolutions of the ceiling fan...when she says, I hope we remain friends forever. And I say, Of course! Where else would I find a friend like you!!!

A loud cheer broke out...hands were applauding wildly....the bodies swaying in rhythm...the crowd was singing along ....I fail to remember the name of the lead singer...My friend Komal looks at me happily...unaware of the time I had just visited...the friend I had just met....She turned towards the stage again...cheering with the crowd....and where all in a sudden moment, I feel the void, an emptiness, a blank moment...of just missing my friend...of us choosing not to be together to enjoy the Ocean...together ..Or partly perhaps...

A loud cheer broke out again! The show concluded. The crowd cheered. There was a huge applause for the performers. The crowd starts to dissipate. I turn my back and start walking towards the parking lot...the feeling of the memory stays!!!



  1. Awww.. I feel Mayna would be feeling the same. WHy dont you get in touch with her?

    Congrats on getting published :-)

  2. @anita, :-) its been a long time....i guess.... thanks for your comment!!!

  3. Going Great...Good to see your article published. Wishing many more to see...