Monsoon ke side effects!!!!

Mumbai has a love - hate relationship with Monsoons!!!! Mumbaikars... - well most of the them....wait for this season..... the sea has a different colour, a different feel.... the breeze is oh so wonderful... the hot makai and tapri ka umbrella which threatens to fly away with the wind.... and the noise of the pitter - patter....:-) makes you want to cuddle up with a good book, sitting near the window... as you watch the world go by....hmmmm.....

View from my balcony

On the other hand, for lesser mortals, who struggle during the week, there is the other side... there is the crazy monsoon traffic....we hope that "today" we are not late for work...due to the crazy traffic, non complying auto wallahs, the snobbish taxi wallahs and well - the local trains which are forever running later.... we just hope, that we reach to our workplaces....DRY....we just hope, that a car passing by, hopefully, will not splash the mucky roadside puddle water on your clothes.... we just pray that the leather that we carry (shoes / laptop bags / purses / wallets) survives...... hmmmmm.....

Well - monsoons has it side begin just listing them would be sooooo unfair..... but then being put under house arrest due to the unpredictable rains is not the extent that we visited one of our friends uninvited :-P for tea and conversation...:-) We played a lot of games...sudoku, scrabble, pictionary ....had a lovely afternoon nap.... but all this was a bit too much.... even the play station was not spared....I did my n number of household chores....but I just could not concentrate.... I WANTED TO GO OUT.... I needed my SUNSHINE...... :-P and I was feeling awful because I was not getting out..... all this ranting induced me to crib on this space....hmmmm.... and dearies, this is just June....*eyes rolling*... the best is yet to come :-P

Miss my sunshine!!!!


  1. Here in Kerala..i am waiting for my sunshine too :/

  2. I am in Kochi these days and it has been raining non stop. MUst be difficult for people who have to lead a life outside of their homes. But to me its the perfect excuse to binge on some fried goodies that my mum's making for me. I am going to enjoy it because I know when I travel bck to Bahrain its going to be rainless for mnths and months and months

  3. @Red Handed: i totally am in sync dear... need the sun

    @Anita: I kind of agree with your point of must be missing this in Bahrain..but trust me, it is no fun here when it rains on Diwali and even in November :-(

    Fried goodies - is a good mood enhancer.. thats what we did over the weekend...but then again, how much of the calories would one want to load up to...:-P

  4. So, Monsoon it is! anyways, it gives us relief from the sun and its scorching heat. Though, personally, i always perfer hot weather to the damp weather. :)

    And the pics are amazing? what DSLR do you use?

  5. @Purvesh : Olympus E520 :-)